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'Making of...' video available!

Backstage funny footage from the shooting of 'The Charlatans'

Check out the "Making of...The Charlatans" video created from Loukia Tzortzopoulou! And don't forget to subcribe on our YouTube channel...


'The Charlatans' Official video clip

Join our channel on YouTube!

Our very first video clip is ready and uploaded on our official YouTube channel! Watch it, comment it, Like it (or don't) and Share it!


Video Clip is coming…

Summer is over. Time to get back to work!

Oh yeah! We’re back from our vacations (some of us with a better tan than others!). And of course we have another surprise for our fans…


Featured Metal Hammer Interview & Review

...and some band news!

Another success for our latest album “Crime Scene” that is featured on this month’s Metal Hammer Magazine (in Greece). Our album was rated with 9/10 and you can also read an interview with SophiaX...


Interview on Femme Metal Webzine

Christina and Thomais talk about the band and "Crime Scene"

Another interesting interview with DaKryA singers, Christina Kalantzi and Thomais Chatzigianni for Femme Metal Webzine in UK. Check inside for the link...


Interview on

Visit the website to read the interview

Christina Kalantzi gave an interview to USA Progressive Music magazine, talking about the new album of DaKryA "Crime Scene".