A New Era for DAKRYA!

Back in the studios...

The days of silence have come to an end! We have made new plans, we have changed our minds and it was about time to enter the studios once again… The rumors are true! WE ARE RECORDING!! (Yeah! Clap your hands!)

A brand new concept album is coming… Our line-up of course couldn’t remain the same! As always a few radical changes… George D. is back!! (We’re sure you’re as happy as we are about that!). Also another weirdo joined the band… his name is Angelos Charogiannis and he’s our new Guitarist! We found him juggling with whisky bottles behind a bar and after a few drinks we saw that he was definitely one of us!

A New Era has come and we are very glad about it! Keep checking back our blogs for more updates and details about the new album…

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Keep your heads UP!! (If you see a clown hanging from a cloud, consider to ask for psychological support.)

- The Charlatans -

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