Back in the studios for rehearsals

Plans for a Greek tour in early 2012

Heya friends and fans!

We would like to give you some updates about what’s going on with DaKryA. On late October our lead singer Thomais Chatzigianni has moved to the Netherlands to extend her studies in singing and musical theater, but nothing will change concerning the band. Thomais is still our lead singer along with Christina Kalantzi and we will keep working together!

At this point we are back in the studios for rehearsals and preparing our set-list for more live shows that we are planning for early 2012 in Greece (and possibly in the Netherlands too). During the last 2 months we decided to create our own space for a rehearsing studio and thankfully that idea worked out just fine!

Also the Christmas holidays are coming soon and we are going to have lots and lots of beers and candy! We wish you all Merry Christmas and we hope you like our new website!

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