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Contact us directly for booking shows in Greece. If you are interested in booking DaKryA outside Greece please get in touch with our manager & booking agent at IntroMental Worldwide.

Previous Shows

Saturday 22/09/2012
RockFort Metal & Rock Festival, Belgium (BE)
Bands: Andromeda, After All, Stallion, KinKobra, Assia Band, The Electric Mole, Incinerate
Tickets: 16 / 18 & 20 euros
Link: ReverbNation Event

8ball-posterSunday 20/05/2012
Eightball Club, Thessaloniki (GR)
Bands: Rex Mundi, Phase, Gallows Tree
Tickets: 7,00 euro + beer
Link: Facebook Event

kyttaro-th1Friday 25/05/2012
Kyttaro Live Club, Athens (GR)
Bands: Rex Mundi, Skysent LU, Kraner's Craft
Tickets: 7,00 euro
Link: Facebook Event